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Citadel knives

Its great to be able to see knives made from different parts of the world and how people perceive a knife to be, look, act and feel. With Western countries, most knives are very similar and manufacturers are always striving for the top positions in each type of knife. With the Citadel knives, what you get is a truly refreshing different take on knives, and for once, its a nice change from the usual type of knives which can be found. Citadel knives are unlike a lot of normal everyday knives. Some feature handles with straight edges instead of curved grippy handles, and others feature twisted metal handles, while there are still a few knives that resemble what regular knives look like, so thankfully, you can still experience the Citadel brand with the features you love, whether they are the Citadel features or features youve come to expect from regular knives more commonly found in Western culture. The Citadel workshop was created at the end of the last century in Cambodia by Dominique Eluere. These days they still produce fantastic knives with all the raw ingredients that have made Citadel knives unique. Modern variants of their knives come with extended tangs and ambidextrous holes in the blade for fast opening while still staying true to the Citadel values.
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Citadel Twisted Big - BRK-CD4207Citadel Twisted Big - BRK-CD4207

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