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Chefs Choice sharpeners

Chefs Choice sharpeners are made by Edgecraft who are utterly passionate to create the worlds best in everything they do. Their strong belief in quality has led them to become leaders in the knife sharpening world. They are based right in the middle of scenic Avondale, PA, making both electric and manual knife sharpeners as well as food slicers, waffle makers and even hot beverage products and proudly sell their products in over 60 countries worldwide. The company history goes back to 1984 when the Edgecraft corporation introduced the Chefs Choice brand with its first electric knife sharpener in 1985. Food experts and professional chefs around the world praise the chefs choice knife sharpeners. These days they now make more than 100 different types of technologically advanced sharpener and are genuinely at the top of their game. When you want the best, choose the best and do not accept second place. Choose Chefs Choice every time to keep your edges razor sharp.
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Chefs Choice Exact V Sharpener - EC415Chefs Choice Exact V Sharpener - EC415
Chef's Choice Exact V Sharpener. Two stage sharpening system for a double bevel, ultra sharp and durable edge. Professional V" type sharpener for ultra sharp sports, pocket and kitchen knives. Precision, spring loaded, angle control guide for razor sharp edges every time! Versatile angle guide removes easily for conventional "V" type sharpening. Diamond abrasives for fast and efficient sharpening. Adjustable sharpening force for sharper edges and faster sharpening. Base converts into a compact, lightweight and portable storage box to hold sharpening rods and angle guide. Ideal for use in the field, at camp or at home. Made in USA."
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