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Carson Optics

Carson optics are some of the finest optics available anywhere in the world. Their latest range of binoculars are the 3D range and these allow you to see a flame from a naked match at a distance of 5 miles, which is absolutely incredible – even though they were only meant to be testing them for a 1 mile range! Carson optics cover a whole array of products relating to lighting, magnification and optics. Items for map readers when out in the bush, monoculars, binoculars and even an X-scope which covers a telescope, microscope, magnifier, LED flash light, signal whistle, compass and clock all in one handy package. The Carson Optical company was founded by a former banker known by the name of Richard Cameron back in 1990. He was sick of the rat race, and from his mothers basement he began importing and exporting various products between Japan and the US. In 1991 he came across an electronc binocoluar that was made by the now defunct Copitar Japan. He sold this to mail order companies and soon saw much needed media exposure, where later he renamed the company into Carson Optical. They are now based in a wholly owned building in Hauppauge, New York. These days they produce their own products instead of sourcing from overseas and are now a leading supplier of binoculars and related products.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Carson Optics Mini Brite - COPO55Carson Optics Mini Brite - COPO55
Carson Optics Mini Aura Night Vision - BRK-CONV200Carson Optics Mini Aura Night Vision - BRK-CONV200
Carson Optics HookUpz Universal Adapter - BRK-COIS200Carson Optics HookUpz Universal Adapter - BRK-COIS200
Carson Optics Clip & Flip - COCF10Carson Optics Clip & Flip - COCF10
Carson Optics Clip&Flip. The Clip & Flip will turn your standard distance glasses into reading glasses or your reading glasses into super magnifying lenses! 1.5x power flip-down" hands free magnifiers. Perfect for home, school or office. Its crystal-clear acrylic lenses give you a sharp distortion-free view allowing you to see even the finest details with ease. Great for reading or viewing stamps and coins. Ideal for needlework, crafts and map reading. Includes protective pouch. Weighs .65 oz. Hang packaged."
Carson Optics MagniFlex - COCL65Carson Optics MagniFlex - COCL65
Carson Optics MagniFlex. Lighted, fully adjustable, flexible arm hands-free" magnifier that attaches to your table-top for convenient hands-free use. Its large 2x power lens gives you a sharp, distortion-free view and 4x power bi-focal spot lens allows you to see even the finest details with ease. Crystal-clear acrylic lens. Three super-bright LED lights allow use in low-light conditions. Perfect for crafts. Ideal for hobbies, model building and small electronics. Attach to most tables using the supplied "C" clamp. Uses three AAA batteries (not included) or a 4.5V DC adapter (included). Weighs 18 oz. Boxed."
Carson Optics X-Scope - COCP11Carson Optics X-Scope - COCP11
Carson Optics X-Scope. 4 1/2 closed. 7-function, multi-use optical pocket tool that contains a 30x power microscope, 8x power telescope, 9x power fold-out magnifier, LED flashlight, signal whistle, directional compass and digital clock. Compact, lightweight and easy to use. Winner of the "Creative Child Magazine 2007 Top Toy of the Year Award". Weighs 1.9 oz. Hang packaged."
Carson Optics MagniLamp - COGN55Carson Optics MagniLamp - COGN55
Carson Optics MagniLamp. Hand-held or fully adjustable stand magnifier with built-in light that lets you see all the details. Its large acrylic 2x power main lens and 4x power spot lens provide sharp, crystal-clear images. Flexible arm. Great for reading fine print, viewing coins, stamps and insects. Perfect for all needlework and crafts. Ideal for hobbies, model building and small electronics. Uses two AA batteries (not included). Weighs 7oz. Hang packaged.
Carson Optics Big-Eye - COHU20Carson Optics Big-Eye - COHU20
Carson Optics Big-Eye. Measures 10 x 5 1/4". Educational and fun! This 5" magnifier is made of lightweight crystal-clear acrylic. It's a great learning tool for children of all ages. Great for ants, butterflies and other insects. Ideal for camping trips or outdoor family outings. Perfect for reading or hobbies. Weighs 6.5 oz. Hang packaged."
Carson Optics AdventurePak - COHU401Carson Optics AdventurePak - COHU401
Carson Optics AdventurePak. Everything you need for great adventures! Perfect for backpacking, biking, camping and all forms of exploration. Includes a compact 5x30mm binoculars with forest green rubber armour and neck strap. 5 3/4 overall flashlight with forest green composition housing and lanyard ring. Uses two AA batteries (not included). 2 7/8" overall lensatic compass with true hand-bearing triangulation capabilities and forest green composition housing. 2 1/4" overall combination signal whistle/thermometer with black composition housing and lanyard. Black nylon carrying case to hold all with lens cleaning cloth. Weighs 20 oz."
Carson Optics MicroBrite - COMM24Carson Optics MicroBrite - COMM24
Carson Optics MicroBrite. Measures 4 1/2 x 3". A 20x-40x zoom pocket microscope. Super-bright LED?light illuminates your viewing subject to ensure a clear, bright image. View your object at 20x magnification or zoom in to an impressive 40x magnification to see even the finest details. Simply place the MicroBrite™ directly on any subject to see a magnified view or use the included base to view specimen slides. The MircoBrite™ is so compact and portable you can bring it with you anywhere. Comes complete with pocket microscope, two slides and base stand. Uses three LR44 button cell batteries (included). Weighs 2.7 oz. Hang packaged."
Carson Optics MagniVisor - COMV23Carson Optics MagniVisor - COMV23
Carson Optics MagniVisor. Handy dual lens magnifier straps around head for hands-free use. Built-in flip down lens increases magnification from 2x to 3x. Crystal clear acrylic lenses. Can be used with eyeglasses. Perfect for hobbies, crafts, parts assembly and reading fine print. Weighs 4 oz. Hang packaged.
Carson Optics Fish n Grip - COOD99Carson Optics Fish n Grip - COOD99
Carson Optics Fish'n Grip. 4-in-1 fishing tool. 4 overall. Compact 4x power magnifier combined with a 3-in-1 fishing tool. Its crystal-clear acrylic lens lets you see the finest details with ease. Built-in serrated V "sure-grip" tweezers, precision fishing line clippers and handy hook-eye cleaner, makes this the "must have" tool for all fishing enthusiasts! Complete with a PVC protective pouch. Great for fly-tying. Weighs .5 oz. Hang packaged."
Carson Optics MiniBrite - COPO25Carson Optics MiniBrite - COPO25
Carson Optics MiniBite. 4 3/8 opened. Compact 3x power slide-out magnifier with a protective plastic sleeve. The built-in LED light makes it perfect for use in the dark, turns on when opened. Its crystal-clear 3x acrylic lens gives you a sharp, distortion-free view. Great for reading maps and other fine print. Perfect for all needlework and crafts. Fits easily into pocket or purse. Uses three AAA batteries (not included). Weighs 1.6 oz. Hang packaged."
Carson Optics Sure-Grip - COSG12Carson Optics Sure-Grip - COSG12
Carson Optics Sure-Grip. 9 3/8 overall. 2.5x power magnifier with an ergonomically designed soft-grip handle for the ultimate in comfort. Its crystal-clear acrylic lens gives you a sharp distortion-free view and a 10x high-power spot lens allows you to see even the finest details with ease. Great low vision aid. Ideal for needlework, arts and crafts. Perfect for reading small print. Great for viewing stamps and coins. The soft-padded zipper pouch protects both lenses. Weighs 10.3 oz. Hang packaged."
Carson Optics Value-Pak - COVP01Carson Optics Value-Pak - COVP01
Carson Optics Value-Pak. An assortment of three compact magnifiers that are perfect for virtually any use. Features a 3x power handheld magnifier with a 6x power bi-focal lens. Also included is a 3x power flip-open" magnifier with a built-in folding case. To use simply fold out this handy magnifier and fold back in case for safe storage when not in use. Included as well is a 2.5x credit card size fresnel magnifier with a "slide-out" protective case for safe storage without fear of scratching. All three magnifiers offer a crystal clear, distortion-free view to see even the finest details with ease. Carry in your wallet, pocket or purse to use everyday! Ideal for all needlework and crafts. Great for reading or viewing coins, stamps and insects. Perfect for the car glove compartment for easy map reading. Weighs 1.8 oz. Hang packaged."
Carson Optics Monocular 6x18mm - BRK-COCF618Carson Optics Monocular 6x18mm - BRK-COCF618
Carson Optics Lens Cleaner - BRK-COCS25Carson Optics Lens Cleaner - BRK-COCS25
Carson Optics C6 Compact Lens Cleaner - BRK-COCS35Carson Optics C6 Compact Lens Cleaner - BRK-COCS35
Carson Optics Pop Up Keychain Magnifier - BRK-COGN70Carson Optics Pop Up Keychain Magnifier - BRK-COGN70
Carson Optics Hornet Binoculars 8x22 - BRK-COHT822Carson Optics Hornet Binoculars 8x22 - BRK-COHT822
Carson Optics Humane Bug Catcher Tool - BRK-COHU30
Carson Optics Bug Loupe Stand Magnifier - BRK-COHU55Carson Optics Bug Loupe Stand Magnifier - BRK-COHU55
Carson Optics HookUpz Smartphone Bin Adapter - BRK-COIB700Carson Optics HookUpz Smartphone Bin Adapter - BRK-COIB700
Carson Optics MiniScout 7x18mm Binoculars - BRK-COJD710Carson Optics MiniScout 7x18mm Binoculars - BRK-COJD710
Carson Optics Binoculars 10x42 - BRK-COJR042Carson Optics Binoculars 10x42 - BRK-COJR042
Carson Optics Binoculars 8x42mm - BRK-COJR842Carson Optics Binoculars 8x42mm - BRK-COJR842
Carson Optics Makalu 10x42 Lt Wt Binoculars - BRK-COMK042
Carson Optics MicroMini Pocket Microscope - BRK-COMM280GCarson Optics MicroMini Pocket Microscope - BRK-COMM280G
Carson Optics MicroMini Pocket Microscope - BRK-COMM280OCarson Optics MicroMini Pocket Microscope - BRK-COMM280O
Carson Optics MicroBrite Plus - BRK-COMM300Carson Optics MicroBrite Plus - BRK-COMM300
Carson Optics MicroBrite Pocket Microscope - BRK-COMM350Carson Optics MicroBrite Pocket Microscope - BRK-COMM350
Carson Optics Pocket Microscope - BRK-COMM450Carson Optics Pocket Microscope - BRK-COMM450
Carson Optics Pocket Microscope 100-250x - BRK-COMP250Carson Optics Pocket Microscope 100-250x - BRK-COMP250
Carson Optics Monopix Monocular 8x24mm - BRK-COMP842ISCarson Optics Monopix Monocular 8x24mm - BRK-COMP842IS
Carson Optics MagniLine Magnifier - BRK-COMT25Carson Optics MagniLine Magnifier - BRK-COMT25
Carson Optics C.O.B. NeckLight - BRK-CONL10Carson Optics C.O.B. NeckLight - BRK-CONL10
Carson Optics Dual Light Necklight - BRK-CONL20Carson Optics Dual Light Necklight - BRK-CONL20
Carson Optics Optigami Microscope Kit - BRK-COOG100Carson Optics Optigami Microscope Kit - BRK-COOG100
Carson Optics Binoculars 10x50 - BRK-CORD050Carson Optics Binoculars 10x50 - BRK-CORD050
Carson Optics Binoculars 8x26 - BRK-CORD826Carson Optics Binoculars 8x26 - BRK-CORD826
Carson Optics LiteWave Rangefinder - BRK-CORF700Carson Optics LiteWave Rangefinder - BRK-CORF700
Carson Optics BoaPod Tripod - BRK-COTR050Carson Optics BoaPod Tripod - BRK-COTR050
Carson Optics Wild Cat 7x18mm Kids Binocular - BRK-COWC718
Carson Optics Credit Card Size Magnifier - BRK-COWM21
Carson Optics Mono Zoom Monocular 7x21 - BRK-COZM721Carson Optics Mono Zoom Monocular 7x21 - BRK-COZM721

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