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CAS knives

CAS knives or CAS Hanwei have been forging steel and making history for more than a quarter of a century they have produced swords, knives and accessories that are incredible. Their constant investment in technology means that their swords just get better and better. Hanwei are based in Dalian in China, and its founder Paul Chen ensures that the company is able to combine modern tooling and metallurgy with traditional craftsmanship. Their Samurai swords are still the cornerstone of their operation but you can of course consider any one of their other products on offer. They have Japanese, Medieval and Chinese swords, as well as knives and plate armor. Their commitment to ensuring maximum hand protection while providing the best blends of steel that are high carbon. Some of their swords and scabbards are even Italian designed and made in Spain, so coupled with a leading company behind them, they are able to offer you a whole range of interesting ideas.
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