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Brusletto knives

Brusletto Scandinavian knives are some of the best knives to come out of Geilo, Norway. For a taste of something different from what you are used to, take a closer look at how a Brusletto knife is different from others. We think you are going to be impressed. For more than 100 years, Brusletto have been delighting their customers, and their techniques are part of a 1500 tear old tradition of iron-ore mining the Hardangarvidda mountain plateau, when back then the iron was used for the manufacturing of swords, axes and knives. The Brusletto company are primarily a people centered knife manufacturer where machines play a secondary part. Most Brusletto knives have handles that are made using Curly Birch wood which delivers a unique ornamental wood grain. They use a single piece of wood for every handle and then impregnate the wod with linseed oil and then polish it so that very little or even zero maintenance is required. Brusletto also use the same high quality , high carbon stainless steel for all their knives whether the knife has a matte or polished gloss finish. Brusletto are also a Green friendly company who recycle all of the shavings that come from the stamping the blades and ferrules. They also use only environmentally friendly fluids at their production facilities. The sheaths are made using dyed Ox hide and have a plastic safety lining to hold the knife in place securely when not in use. Take a look at the range of knives shown below. You will find knives including the Fiskern, the Falken, the Balder, the Sprettern and many more.
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