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Brunton outdoor gear

Brunton outdoor gear are a company who have been pioneering everything to do with outdoorsmen activities such as living, hunting and hiking since 1894, ever since their founder D.W. Brunton created the first ever revolutionary compact precision compass known as the pocket transit. The pocket transit was such a revolution at the time because it meant that finally there was no need to carry around large, heavy and bulky equipment to get the same result. Ever since the early days, they have followed the same inspiring path as their founder and have continued to evolve in all manner of things relating to outdoor activities. You can now get an incredibly extensive array of products that are very diverse, but yet will meet all your needs when outdoors. These include things relating to portable power, optics, navigational aids, lighting, instrumentation and gear. The Brunton outdoor gear company now have a dedicated hunting product portfolio as well as the primus camping brand name. True to their ethics, they have continued to surpass peoples expectations. The Brunton group sell their items all over the world but their headquarters are based in Riverton, Wyoming in the United States, just nestled in at the foot of the wind river range. You could not ask for a more fitting place to have your headquarters. Their staff members are all avid and overtly passionate about their industry and could happily sit and discuss outdoor life for all eternity if pressed. Starting with their compasses, they cover a huge array of products. Navigational items for when you are walking, driving or even for watersport based activities. There are binoculars, scopes, monoculars and more. Headlamps and lanterns for low light and night time activities and so much more. Solar panels that can provide power for when you are deep in the woods, and then everything you could ever need for camping as well. When you need technical help they also sell altimeters, weather monitors and wind measuring instruments. When you are going on a journey outdoors, you need to know youve got the best at your side – something you can rely on wholeheartedly. When only the best will do, choose Brunton gear. Hand-tools.com are proud to be able to stock and ship directly Brunton outdoor gear for outdoorsmen, hunters and camping enthusiasts. Please browse our range and ask us any questions.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Brunton Glow Compass - BRK-BN9041ORBrunton Glow Compass - BRK-BN9041OR
Brunton Echo Pocket Scope - BN91012Brunton Echo Pocket Scope - BN91012
Brunton Echo Pocket Scope Orange - BRK-BN91208Brunton Echo Pocket Scope Orange - BRK-BN91208
Brunton Globe Pin-On Ball Compass - BRK-BN91299Brunton Globe Pin-On Ball Compass - BRK-BN91299
Brunton ZIP Tag-Along Compass - BRK-BN91301Brunton ZIP Tag-Along Compass - BRK-BN91301
Brunton TruArc 20 Compass - BRK-BN91579Brunton TruArc 20 Compass - BRK-BN91579
Brunton TruArc15 Compass Global - BRK-BN91708Brunton TruArc15 Compass Global - BRK-BN91708
Brunton Echo Zoom Monocular - BN023Brunton Echo Zoom Monocular - BN023
Brunton Echo Zoom Monocular 10-30x21. One of the smallest zoom monoculars on the planet. Use it when you need it, store it in your pocket when you don’t. Multicoated BaK-4 prism glass. Tripod compatible. Includes lanyard and case.
Brunton ADC Summit - BN298Brunton ADC Summit - BN298
Brunton ADC Summit Atmospheric Data Center. Calculates altitude based on barometric pressure and predicts the weather for the next 12 hours. Displays current barometric pressure (hPa, mb, or Hg). Storm alarm; past 24 hour pressure tendency; 12 hour weather forecast; altimeter shows current, max, min altitude (in meters or feet). Altitude alarm; ski run counter; current temperature; past 24 hour temperature tendency; current, max and avg wind speed; wind chill avg and min wind chill; wind chill alarm; alarm clock, time, day and date; chronograph race timer. Waterproof, submersible. Water-flow meter. Manual and automatic date logging. Infrared data communication with PC using ADC-IR (sold separately). Data download in universal format. Includes lanyard and extra battery. Hang packaged.
Brunton ADC Wind Weather Station - BN299Brunton ADC Wind Weather Station - BN299
Brunton ADC Wind Keep a close, accurate eye on the sky and current conditions. Displays current, max and average wind speed (in km/h, mph, ft/s, m/s, or knots). Shows current temperature and past 24 hour temperature tendency, average and minimum wind chill. Wind chill alarm. Water flow meter. Real time clock with time, day and date. Chronograph operation. Race timer. Waterproof.
Brunton Echo Pocket Scope 7x18mm - BN375Brunton Echo Pocket Scope 7x18mm - BN375
Brunton Echo Pocket Scope 7x18. 3 1/4 overall. BaK-4 prism. Multi-coated lens. 13 inch near focus. Field of view: 181ft @ 1000yds. Comes with lanyard and nylon storage case. Hang packaged."
Brunton Lite Tech Monocular - BN682Brunton Lite Tech Monocular - BN682
Brunton Lite-Tech Waterproof Monocular. 8x22. Fully coated BaK-4 prism glass. Includes carrying case.
Brunton Chill Compass - BRK-BN9045ORBrunton Chill Compass - BRK-BN9045OR
Brunton TruArc3 Baseplate Compass - BRK-BN91574Brunton TruArc3 Baseplate Compass - BRK-BN91574
Brunton Tru Arc5 Baseplate Compass - BRK-BN91575Brunton Tru Arc5 Baseplate Compass - BRK-BN91575
Brunton TruArc 7 Sighting Compass - BRK-BN91576Brunton TruArc 7 Sighting Compass - BRK-BN91576
Brunton TruArc10 Base Plate Compass - BRK-BN91577Brunton TruArc10 Base Plate Compass - BRK-BN91577
Brunton TruArc15 Mirror Compass - BRK-BN91578Brunton TruArc15 Mirror Compass - BRK-BN91578
Brunton Key Ring Compass - BRK-BN91606Brunton Key Ring Compass - BRK-BN91606
Brunton Truarc15 Compass Global - BRK-BN91703Brunton Truarc15 Compass Global - BRK-BN91703
Brunton TruArc10 Compass - BRK-BN91705Brunton TruArc10 Compass - BRK-BN91705
Brunton TruArc15 Compass - BRK-BN91706Brunton TruArc15 Compass - BRK-BN91706

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