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Brian Yellowhorse knives

Going back to the 1950s, the Yellowhorse family started selling Navajo rugs and petrified wood to the vacationers who would pass by. The family would interact with the tourists at their trading post store on route 66, Lupton, Arizona. Juan and Frank grew the family and along came Franks son, David and then Brian is Davids son. Brian himself has since gone on to have his own child, named aptly as David III. These days Frank, the founder is the founder, and a father, grandfather and now a great grandfather. You can still find him talking with the travelers. Some of the Brian yellowhorse designs have found their way into a number of well known knife companies portfolios. These include, but are not limited to, Buck knives (i.e. he Buck 110 1967 Cobra Super Snake and the Buck 505 Chief). For the true Navajaro reservation designed knife, consider the knives of Brian Yellowhorse. They enjoy strong family values handed down from Frank yellowhorse.
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