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Blue Rhino

Blue Rhino are a butane company who have expanded their product range into refillable lighters. You can now purchase Bluer Rhino refillable lighters such as the Blue Rhino Beast (a cigar lighter) and the Blue Rhino afterburner which is a more general lighter. The beast is a triple flame lighter which makes cigar lighting a real theatrical experience. Everyone watching you will want one for themselves, and will probably ask you if they can have a go. Blue Rhino also manufacture other butane lighters such as the Elegant and the Classic. So now you can pick a handy usable and refillable butane lighter to suit your personality and needs with ease. Besides lighters, the Blue Rhino brand is a powerful name behind many other parts of life ranging from barbecue grills, outdoor heaters, outdoor fireplaces, mosquito traps and fireplace furnishings. Their names include Uniflame, Endless Summer and also Skeetervac. Vblue Rhino was founded in 1994 by Billy Primm, a man from North Carolina who gained the idea of setting a national tan exchange service after a trip to Paris gave him the idea. Find out about some Blue Rhino items below, such as their lighters which are absolutely ideal for the outdoorsman who needs to get a camp fire or outdoor grill started and they are miles from anywhere.
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