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Blackjack knives

Blackjack knives can truly say that they are in a very tight, niche area of knife making in that their production numbers are generally very low, and often far lower than the “limited edition” runs made by other well known knife manufacturers. These knives are the real deal and are hard to come by, so when you want a truly magnificent knife, make sure you take a very good look at the Blackjack range of knives. For around 30 years they have been making superb knives, and have never dropped their standards below excellent, not even once. There are quite a wide variety of Blackjack knives to choose between, it can be hard to decide which to go with. There are the Japanese made knives and then the Effingham made knives, or the older variety or the newer varieties. If you come across any with Sambar Stag then be sure to grab them without even blinking. Sambar Stag is no longer imported into the USA, so Sambar Stag handle knives are holding their prices very well. This particular Stag is considered the best due to the fact it is the least porous. There are a large number of different Blackjack knives to consider choosing between. These include the likes of the early models like the Mamba and Anaconda series as well as the Marauder series, all from the years 1987 and 1988. They then ventured into Bowie knives by the now current owner Ken Warner and through the years expanded wildly into a Condor line, Panga, Simba, Blue devil and many may more. Why not explore the brilliance of these more than razor sharp knives which are hand finished and enjoy full convex blade edges. A Blackjack knife is available for all aspects of life.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Blackjack Folding Mamba - BJ040Blackjack Folding Mamba - BJ040
Blackjack Throwing Knife Set - BJ031Blackjack Throwing Knife Set - BJ031
Blackjack Intl Three Piece Throwing Knife Set. 8 1/2 overall. 3 3/4" double edge blade with black trim. One piece stainless construction with machined slot and hole cutouts. Black nylon belt sheath holds all three knives."
Blackjack Model 155 Neck Knife - BCB155BKBlackjack Model 155 Neck Knife - BCB155BK
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