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Blackie Collins knives

When you are finely tuned into the skills of the best knife makers in the world, chances are that you will at some time have come across the name of Blackie Collins. The real name is Walter Collins, and even at school he had this profound interest in knives and guns, and even stated at that time that he wanted to make knives and guns when he became older. His teacher Mrs Fryer obviously didnt appreciate his thoughts and tried to dissuade him from the interest. Its a good job he never gave up because he has since gone on to sell millions of knives over the last 25 or so years, and the knife community has certainly welcomed his designs and ingenuity into the world. His first basic knife was made in the second grade at school, but thankfully he has gone on to produce many greater things. One of his favorite comments is the phrase “theres no high quite like creativity”. Collins was the first designer to venture into other knife handle materials outside of the regular wood or bone used. He made the Gerber L.S.T. (Light, Strong, Tough) which has since gone on to sell more than three million knives worldwide. It incorporated the first Zytel handle, and this knife has become the most copied knife in history. He was also the designer to created Cordura sheaths, so he has got as lot to be proud about. Besides knives, he has gone on to invent other things of interest such as a trigger lock known as cease Fire for the gun industry. When you want something from an innovator, take a closer look at the Black Collins items listed below.
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