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Benchmade knives

The Benchmade knives Company first set set up shop in Clackamas, Oregon in 1990, but was originally founded in California in 1988. The knives initially consisted of the Bali-Song knives, which used a combination of outside vendors and inside processing to build finished products. As the product line bloomed, so did the in-house capabilities. By acquiring new machines and technologies, which included the first of several lasers that made the Benchmade the first knife manufactures to have such equipment in-house. This was only the beginning for Benchmade. By breaking into a new ground of manufactured knife markets and using non-traditional materials and modern manufacturing methods, they began to build better knives. By 1991 the Designer Series was first introduced with several custom designs being manufactured. This was done by tapping into the custom knife makers knowledge and combining it with the manufacturing expertise, now allowing them to offer more contemporary knife designs and innovations to the knife users. At Benchmark the motto is: make it cool, make it solid, make it happen and definitely make it Benchmark.
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Benchmade Militec-1 - 1oz Bottle Metal ConditionerBenchmade Militec-1 - 1oz Bottle Metal Conditioner
This is the Benchmade MILITEC-1, 1 OZ BOTTLE - reference number 981368. Pure conditioner, in a bottle. This synthetic based product ensures that adequate lubrication is maintained. It also ensures that corrosion is minimised through it's corrosion inhibitor specially formulated. It also reduces friction and wear and tear, giving you a great tool all the time.
Benchmade MILITEC-1, SNIPER PAK - 981369Benchmade MILITEC-1, SNIPER PAK - 981369
The Benchmade knives you own deserve proper care and treatment. This is the Militec-1 Sniper Pak BM981369. This product will give top quality results without leaving a nasty build up on any metal-to-metal polishing situation.

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