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Beeman sports gear

Beeman, the name to trust when it comes to precision airguns. We are proud to list and be able to supply the Beeman brand range of airguns and pellets. The sophisticated adult who is looking for pinpoint accuracy, then take a closer look to really appreciate the beauty behind the extraordinary quality of a Beeman hand-tooled precision airgun. Over the last 2 decades, Beeman precision adult airguns has been mentioned countless times as being leaders and innovators in many leading publications by several top gun experts. Thankfully, they have been able to manufacture the best airguns in both budget and expensive price ranges. Each of which has been made with the focus being on quality first and foremost before pricing is even considered. If you think low cost means low quality then think again. Remember, Beeman has gained an enviable reputation for what they do, and it is only because of their attention to detail, and their quality commitment that has ensured they grow to be the best. You can buy Beeman pellets from as little as $7 or $8 and one of their Sportsman range of airguns for as little as $130. .1777 caliber models can be had for as little as $65 so there is certainly many types of ways to get involved and enjoy this sport. Beeman adult airguns use precision lathe turning to ensure that the parts of the airgun are made to high specifications, such as the safeties, which are steel precision turned. Even their trigger guards are precision made. Instead of a simple strip that has been stamped from a sheet of metal, a Beeman airgun trigger guard is precision cast, shaped and benefits from diamond checkering and a pleasing design. Enjoy our range and feel free to ask us any questions.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Beeman Wadcutter Pellets - 1261Beeman Wadcutter Pellets - 1261
Beeman Precision Made Wadcutter Pellets. .177cal (4.5mm). Special black coating maximizes velocity and reduces lead contact. 250 count. Hang packaged.
Beeman Round Pellets - 1245Beeman Round Pellets - 1245
Beeman Round Pellets. .22 caliber. All purpose. 175 count in tin. Hang packaged.
Beeman Hollow Point Coated Pellets - 1222Beeman Hollow Point Coated Pellets - 1222
Beeman Hollow Point Coated Pellets. .177 cal (4.5mm). Coating reduces lead handling by 97%. 250 count. Hang packaged.
Beeman Beeman Sportsman Series Air - 1026Beeman Beeman Sportsman Series Air - 1026
Beeman Air Rifle Combo Sportsman Series. Includes a SS550 Air Rifle. Features all metal reciever and barrel with matte finish, Monte Carlo stock with ambidextrous cheek piece, Sporter grade" trigger with automatic safety, factory mounted 4x20 scope, precision rifled steel barrel, and ported "Muzzle Brake". 550+ fps velocity. Maximum velocity 960 fps. Also includes 250 wadcutter pellets and four swinging silhouette targets with hangers."
Beeman Black Bear Air Rifle - BRK-BM1032
Beeman Sportsman Series Air Rifle - BRK-BM1051
Beeman Longhorn II Air Rifle - BRK-BM10611
Beeman Mantis Air Rifle - BRK-BM10616
Beeman P17 Deluxe Pellet Pistol - BRK-BM2004
Beeman Jackal Air Rifle - BRK-BM2066
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