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Bark River knives

Bark River knives is a small family owned knife manufacturing company who have one aim. That is to produce some of the finest semi production knives in the world. They design then knives for people such as outdoors men and other people who need an incredibly sharp blade edge which delivers real performance in the field. Each and every single knife made by the Bark River knife company has undergone rigorous preparation and there is a lot of emphasis on making sure that there is maximum performance from every single one of their products. They prefer to use a blend of traditional and contemporary designs and styles in order to meet the needs and desires of the people around the world. Their manufacturing style and methods are essentially a mixture of both modern as well as traditional, incorporating all of the various manufacturing techniques. They ensure that there are sufficient needed tolerances in each and every knife while at the same time the knives are able to maintain the subtle features that have produced exemplary cutting implements for centuries. The Bark River knife company manufactures a number of different types of knife including the North Star, the city knife, the Canadian special, the Huntsman, the Montana guide, the gameskeeper and many more when you simply must have a knife that has been hand made by dedicated men and women then take a closer look at a knife that has been made by the Bark River knife company. You are going to be impressed once you have seen the range of knives as shown below.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Bark River Ultra Lite Bushcrafter Black - BRK-BA023MBC
Bark River Edwin Forrest Bowie Black - BRK-BA08315MBC
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