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Arno Bernard knives

For an innovative range of knives designed, manufactured and sold by a family of knife makers from South Africa, you need to take a closer look at the Arno Bernard range of knives. Prepare to be impressed! Arno Bernard knives are a brand of knives that are driven by raw grass roots deep in South Africa in the stunning Eastern free state of Bethlehem. This is where the workshop is, and is run by Arno Bernard himself as well as a few members of the family. They use their passion which was nurtured as a result of their father Arno Bernard Sr who made knives in the past. Arno Bernard Jr started the workshop in October 2005 and now his wife Zine Bernard as well as his brother Franco Bernard. Between the three of them they are now selling their ranges of knives across the USA and beyond. They have a USA office in Fort Lauderdale. Arno Bernard knives believe that the real quality of a knife comes from the best selection of Steel, the type of grind, the handle material and then finally the finishing of the knife. All impressive qualities to consider when picking your next knife. They like to use the world class Bohler N690 steel taken from Austria. This particular steel retains an impeccably sharp edge and looks superb once it has been polished. They are able to turn the steel into a knife with a Rockwell hardness rating of 60 Rc after it has undergone a liquid Nitrogen freezing process. So if you are looking for a hand made knife that has been wonderfully hollow ground then take a closer look at what Arno Bernard knives can do for you. They have a range of knives from Giants, Predators, Grazers, Scavengers and finally Bush babies. Find out more through our detailed knife listings below.
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