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ARS knives

When it comes to the ultimate in extreme knives for survival, tactical and rescue then ARS knives may be just your thing. Founded by life long adventure and outdoor enthusiast Alex Shunnarah, the company has been manufacturing stunning knives for more than 9 years and even though it is a small company, it is fast gaining an enviable reputation as well as a growing fan base for its collection. The company is a high-tech manufacturing company who offer one of the best guarantees you will ever find in your life when it comes to knives – how about an unconditional lifetime guarantee? This company offers this – such is the fact that they are so enthused by the quality of their knives. Their knives have been designed to last a lifetime even in the most extreme of environments. Their knives are American made in a state of the art production facility using some of the best materials you will ever encounter, ranging from Titanium through to Carbon Fiber and even high grade stainless and also Carbon steels. They certainly aim to penetrate the market with their offerings, and it is easy to see why they are very much highly regarded. If you are looking for automatic knives or tactical fixed blade knives or even survival knives and last ditch self defense knives then take a closer look at ARS (meaning Attach, Rescue, Survive). They offer what they term as their last ditch knives, their automatic knives, their manual folders and their survival knives. Could ARS knives be the next big success story in the next 100 years? Quite possibly! Explore below. Their knives are suitable for personal use as well as law enforcement, military and government applications.
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