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1942-1945 Silver War Nickel

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1942-1945 Silver War Nickel

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SURVIVAL MONEY item description:

In World War II during the years of 1942-1945 the metal, nickel, became scarce. To meet the supply of nickel metal for the war effort, the United States government substituted silver into nickels minted during these years. As a result, U.S. nickels minted during the years of 1942-1945 contain 35% silver. The U.S. government stamped the nickels with a P at the top so that they could be collected after the war and melted back into silver metal. Many of these nickels survived and they are valuable because not only are they collectible, but they are worth no less than their weight in silver. There are 1.75 grams of silver in every silver war nickel.

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