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Cold Steel Knojo II 60SKL Regular Blade Shape

Cold Steel Knojo II 60SKL Regular Blade Shape

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Cold Steel 60SKL item description:

This is the top-quality Konjo II 60SKL, by Cold Steel. We also sell a Konjo I which has a Tanto styled blade for deep penetration.

This Konjo II knife is truly on the the finest knives money can buy.

It's made from the best San Mai III stainless steel (VG-1), vacuum heat treated and the blade is of a regular shape, allowing for focused precision if the fingers need to rest on the top edge, while still brilliant at chopping, fine cutting and slicing.

The knife features a perforated, tapered Tang which does wonders to aid in balance and weight reduction without sacrificing strength where it's most needed.

Konjo is a Japanese term which translates as 'guts'. It suggests courage under adversity, intestinal fortitude, and a dogged tenacity in the face of physical hardship, pain or even danger. This is an admirable quality in anyone, and it makes an admirable name for these new Japanese styled knives.

Highly polished Nickel Silver bolsters strengthen the handle and resemble the blade collar (Habaki) on a Japanese sword.

The handle has grip scales made from polished Black Linen Micarta.

A sturdy, rich looking sheath that includes a distinctive, decorative inlay of black samé (ray skin) completes the immense features of this top spec knife.

The blade is 5 inches long,and 4mm thick.
This knife is 9.25 inches overall and weighs in at 6.6oz.

  • Made in Japan
item condition: new in the original unopened box
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Product Number: 60SKL     
Quantity Available: Discontinued

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