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Canvas Blank Money Bag 6.5x9.5 100% Natural Cotton CANVAS_MONEY_BAG_6-5x9-5

Canvas Blank Money Bag 6.5x9.5 100% Natural Cotton CANVAS_MONEY_BAG_6-5x9-5

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SURVIVAL MONEY CANVAS_MONEY_BAG_6-5x9-5 item description:

This 6.5x9.5 canvas money bag is made of 100% natural cotton #10 canvas. It is triple stitched and can easily be filled full of coins without breaking. This is the type of bag that banks use to hold coins and coin rolls. Since it is 100% natural cotton you can trust that your coins are not being exposed to corrosive chemicals. A cotton tie string is sewn into the bag so you can close it up quickly. The picture shows multiple canvas money bags for illustrative purposes. When you order you will receive a brand new bag just like the unused bag examples you see in the picture. If you would like to personalize your canvas bag with your name add on the embroidery option!

  • weight: 1.00 oz
item condition: new in the original unopened box
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