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Canvas Blank Money Bag 12x19 100% Natural Cotton CANVAS_MONEY_BAG_12x19

Canvas Blank Money Bag 12x19 100% Natural Cotton CANVAS_MONEY_BAG_12x19

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SURVIVAL MONEY CANVAS_MONEY_BAG_12x19 item description:

This 12x19 100% cotton canvas bag is about as touch and natural as it gets. The naturalness of this bag comes from the fact that it is woven from #10 pure untampered-with cotton fabric. This is great for things like storing coins because the bag does not have any harmful chemicals that may unexpectedly react with your coins and cause corrosion. With regard to toughness, you wil find these bags have incredible strength. The are triple-thread sewn with a zig-zag stitch, giving them the ability to hold over 50 pounds. On a lighter note, these canvas bags are good for pretty much everything including storing tire chains, screws, nails, nuts/bolts and other heavy items. If you would like to personalize your canvas bag with your name add on the embroidery option!

  • weight: 4.00 oz
item condition: new in the original unopened box
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