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Case 5633 Autumn Barnboard Jigged Tiny Trapper 62154SS

Case 5633 Autumn Barnboard Jigged Tiny Trapper 62154SS

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Case 5633 item description:

Here is a Case Tiny Trapper knife full of rustic warmth and charm. It is the 5633 Tiny Trapper and looks old-world, rustic and oozing with character you just want to find out more about. The knife is actually very modern, made with modern materials and using modern techniques, but it takes on this persona of an old time friend from years gone by.

The handle features the colors of an old barn door. Brown, warm and inviting. The jigging is done during the production process as are the colors. Then a Case company shield is inlaid into the bone handle and the whole section is secured to the frame of the knife. Polished Nickel Silver bolsters secure the ends of the handle and complete the overall outwards appearance.

Next you can see that this tiny trapper features two blades. As with other tiny trappers, you get a Clip blade and a Spey blade. More than enough for trapping small game and taking care of business. They are made from tru-sharp surgical stainless steel and offer an unrivalled slice like no other. The tru-sharp steel is actually extremely good at ensuring a razor sharp edge is always available, plus it helps fend off rust and corrosion at the same time.

Like an old barn, this knife will seem homely and inviting. Why not pay it a visit. The pattern number on this knife is 62154SS and its weight is 1oz(which is lightweight!). This knife will comfortably fit in your pocket ready for everyday use, as it measures just 2 3/8 inches in length.

  • UPC Code: 021205056333
  • weight: 1.30 oz
item condition: new in the original unopened box
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Product Number: 5633     
Quantity Available: Discontinued

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