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Tops Cuma Tak-Ri 2 TPCUMATK02 Tactical Kukri Tool

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Tops Cuma Tak-Ri 2 TPCUMATK02 Tactical Kukri Tool

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Tops item description:

The Tops Cuma Tak-Ri 2 (TPCUMATK02) Tactical Kukri is a fixed combat knife also suitable for the sportsman as well as survival situations and as a good camp knife. It comes with full Woodsman-style handles and has some of the best minds in the industry behind it.

Tops knives is a collective of 100+ years of special-ops “know how”. This knife has been built using the knowledge and real life experiences of 12 operators who have backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, outdoor professions and also martial arts. Some of the teams are from elite units such as special forces A-team, seal team 3 and more.

The tactical Kukri has practical functionality at it's very heart and this carries right through the design and workmanship. You can see that with the choice of materials being used. 105 grade high Carbon steel being used with a strip of Micarta just thin enough to ensure good grip levels at the handle while still keeping the weight nice and low.

The blade is 3/16 inches thick with a deep underbelly making it great for chopping firewood,building shelter and so much more. The blade also has a partial top edge for reverse swings, as well as a section of “shark teeth” serrations. Grip it in numerous ways from a long handled grip for machete type use or small handled grip for precise cutting duties.

Overall, it measures 13 ½ inches. It's top edge section is 4 inches and the bottom edge is 7 inches. The steel has an edge that is hardened to give a Rockwell hardness figure of 56-58 Rc. The Tops Cuma Tak-Ri 2 (TPCUMATK02) is designed by Waysun Johnny Tsai and comes with a tough Ballistic Nylon sheath for safe storage when not in use.

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  • Weight: 1.45 lbs
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