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CAS Hanwei Tinker Sword Blunt swords PC2405

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CAS Hanwei Tinker Sword Blunt swords PC2405

retail price: $344.95
Hand-Tools.com price: $237.19

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CAS Hanwei item description:

Paul Chen Tinker Sword Blunt. Early Medieval Sword Blunt.Our Tinker Early Medieval Swords are single-hand Oakeshott Type XII pieces, again having sharp and blunt versions with identical handling characteristics. The blunt uses a broad, flat fuller to move mass towards the edges for safety while retaining a very lively feel. The cruciform hilt is attractive and functional.See models SH2404 for the Tinker Sharp Early Medieval Sword and SH2407 for the Blunt replacement blade.

  • UPC Code: 001564200955
  • weight: 5.15 lbs
  • package dimensions: 8.50 x 43.50 x 2.25 inches
item condition: new in the original unopened box
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Product Number: PC2405     
Quantity Available: 8 in stock, order now! (Inventory last updated September 29 2020)
Estimated ship date: Friday October 9th, 2020

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