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Executive Ace of Spades EX2 knife from Extrema Ratio

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Executive Ace of Spades EX2 knife from Extrema Ratio

retail price: $6.95
Hand-Tools.com price: $4.18

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Executive Letter Opener item description:

Here is the Executive Ace of Spades EX2 knife from Extrema Ratio, a fantastic push dagger made for when you are thick in the action. In that moment of heat nothing else matters but getting out alive. In that split moment, having the Extrema Executive EX2 with you- now you have a chance to fight, fight to the end. This T-handle push dagger means the world when that's all that is left between you and success. It's made from a durable single piece of molded fiberglass filled plastic. It measures 3 3/4 inches overall and a tight grip is assured in your moment of need. The double edged dagger section measures 2 ¼ inches and is extremely sharp considering it is not steel. Attach it to a keyring or slip it around your neck on a lanyard, or simply slip it inside your boot. You decide. Either ways it's designed to help you win, just like the Ace of Spades. This Executive Ace of Spades EX2 knife from Extrema Ratio has a convenient push-pull design and makes a brilliant self defense weapon.

  • UPC Code: 000000104944
  • weight: 0.80 oz
  • package dimensions: 2.00 x 4.00 x 0.50 inches
item condition: new in the original unopened box
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Product Number: EX2     
Quantity Available: 8 in stock, order now! (Inventory last updated February 08 2023)
Estimated ship date: Saturday February 18th, 2023

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