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The Columbia River Turtle Black/White 5900W

The Columbia River Turtle Black/White 5900W

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Columbia River 5900W item description:

The Columbia River Turtle Black/White 5900W is a fun novelty knife. Knives do not have to be dull and boring, sometimes it is necessary to bring a bit of excitement to them. One thing is for sure when you are seen with this knife, people are going to want to know where they can get their hands on one.

The handle is made from 420J2CPL, the scales are injection moulded in a variety of colors and swell patterns. The moulding process that takes place changes the pattern making them vary in color every time. This means that there are no knives the same, each one is slightly different and unique to you. This is ideal as you know no one will have a knife like yours.

Featuring a 1” stubby spear point blade that is made from 420J2 stainless steel with a polished finish. To open the knife all you need to do is simply press the blade tang which allows the blade to be opened with either hand. So no matter if you are left or right handed this tool is ideal for you. Even though this comes with a small blade, it is still capable of doing what you ask it to.

It can be either worn around your neck as a pendant or attached to your belt. Many people choose this knife for things such as opening packages, sharpening pencils or any other general tasks needed to be done around the house.

This knife is also available in black, gold, white and also vibrant pink

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