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Wetterlings axes

On a lovely spring day in 1882 a man known as Otto Wetterling (an engineer) stepped off a train in Storvik, Sweden. He had been learning about axe making in the USA and returned to help his brother Sven Axel Wetterling who had started his own axe forging company known as S.A. Wetterlings Manufaktur. Otto was appointed as his supervisor and between them they combined all their ideas gained from both sides of the world to create some of the finest axes you will ever place your hands on. These days the company still operates at the same forge that they have used without interruption for more than 125 years. Combine rustic Hickory wood and quality Swedish steel and you get an axe that will stand the test of time.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Wetterlings Small Splitting Axe 20 InchWetterlings Small Splitting Axe 20 Inch
Here is the Wetterlings SAW9020H small splitting axe, a Swedish marvel that is a brilliant performer and won't let you down in your time of need whether you are in your yard or by the camp fire. This brand is synonymous with high quality.
Wetterlings Replacement Blade - SAW312Wetterlings Replacement Blade - SAW312
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