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Ultimate Survival

If you are looking for the ultimate in survival kits then take a long and hard look at these “Ultimate Survival Firestarting tools, signals and survival kits. Behind the Ultimate Survival Technologies brand is a company called the Revere Supply Co., Inc. They have been manufacturers of survival products since as far back as 1936. They are also the name behind some other brands such as “eGear essential gear” and “Revere Survival Products”. Whether it is survival, rescue, life support, and disaster preparedness equipment and survival tools, Ultimate Survival Technologies may just be the answer you were looking for. As well as the public they also cater to the government and law enforcement agencies. So the next time you venture out into the forest consider a survival whistle, signal or wet fire starting kit. You may never know when you will need it, but you will be glad you did.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Ultimate Survival Jet Scream Emergency Whistle - WG4100Ultimate Survival Jet Scream Emergency Whistle - WG4100
Ultimate Survival JetScream Whistle Orange Hang Card
Ultimate Survival Blast Match Fire Starter - WG1415Ultimate Survival Blast Match Fire Starter - WG1415
Ultimate Survival BlastMatch. Fire starter. Black casing. Lift thumb button to release spring loaded flint bar. Spark is twice as hot as standard match. Comes with one package of WetFire tinder. Hang packaged.
Ultimate Survival Strike Force Fire Starting - WG1411Ultimate Survival Strike Force Fire Starting - WG1411
Ultimate Survival Strike Force Fire Starting System. 5 overall. Black casing. All weather fire starting system. Combines alloy flint bar, hardened steel striker and WetFire tinder. Hang packaged."
Ultimate Survival Jet Scream Emergency Whistle - WG1002Ultimate Survival Jet Scream Emergency Whistle - WG1002
Ultimate Survival Whistle. JetScream Whistle Black Hang Card
Ultimate Deluxe Survival Kit USTUltimate Deluxe Survival Kit UST
Ultimate Survival Tool Kit. Includes Blast Match Fire Starter, two WetFire tinder, Star Flash signal mirror, Jet Scream whistle and SaberCut Hand Chainsaw. All items store inside black hardshell all weather carrying case. Hang packaged.
Ultimate Survival Wetfire Fire Starting Tinder - WG0412Ultimate Survival Wetfire Fire Starting Tinder - WG0412
Ultimate Survival Wetfire. WetFire Fire Starting Tinder. Eight pack. Non-toxic, odorless, smokeless. Works in wet and windy conditions. Start with spark, match or lighter. Hang packaged.
Ultimate Survival SaberCut Hand Chainsaw - WG0180Ultimate Survival SaberCut Hand Chainsaw - WG0180
Ultimate Survival SaberCut. SaberCut Hand Chainsaw. 24 black oxide coated steel chain has bi directional self cleaning teeth. Web loop handles are securely bar tacked to keep chain from twisting while you cut. Heavy black nylon carrying case. Hang packaged."
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