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Tek Torch flashlights

Tek Torch are a company who started their business with just a sketch book, an old Atari and 1000 DM in Germany in 1994. Their obsession for lighting and lamps was the driving force behind the vision that has made the company into what it is today. These days they employ more than 1000 people and have three manufacturing bases where they make their brilliant flashlights which are mainly LED. Their LED Lenser range is nothing short of breathtaking as it cuts through the darkness as easily as night becomes day. Whether it is a head mounted flashlight or a tactical Pink colored pen flashlight or a heavy duty hand held flashlight, prepare yourself for an illuminating experience as you use your Tek Torch for the first time.
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Tek Torch Tactical Pen Pink - CU12004Tek Torch Tactical Pen Pink - CU12004
Cuma Ram Tactical Pen Pink 6 closed. Pink anodized aircraft aluminum construction. Stainless clip. Clip-cap design with an oversized lanyard hole that can be worn on a chain or cord lanyard. A practical and stylish modern self-defense tool. Packaged with lanyard. Also includes C.U.M.A. Ram Tactical Street Defense training DVD featuring renowned Master Waysun Johnny Tsai. Master Tsai is considered to be one of the world’s foremost experts in practical street defense. Accepts standard pen refills."
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