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Opinel knives

Opinel are a knife manufacturer who started life in 1800. They began forging metals and the family tradition began. Through time, their knowledge grew and in 1890 a family workshop was set up in a small village near to Saint-Jean-De-Maurienne in Savoie. Joseph Opinel, the son started to manufacture the first of the Opinel knives. They developed a few different knife series including series 1 to 12. They then set up their first factory in 1901 and in 1909 developed the crowned hand logo, their first cutlery trademark. The company grew and many family members joined and mass production was introduced. Then in 1960, Joseph Opinel died at the age of 88. Since then they have continued to evolve and grow, open new headquarters and even get mentioned in the dictionary and in 2009 they received many awards for their cookbook entitled cooking with Opinel. These days you can enjoy some of the finest cutlery and cooking knives made. Their folding knives are also made to their specifications which have stood the test of time. Enjoy our picks below.
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