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Mossberg knives

With Mossberg knives, you are getting a company who has been in operation since 1919 and work as a team of dedicated people who focus on safety, value, continuous improvement and sheer top notch quality. The O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. company is centrally focused on firearms but is also licensed for knives which are generally themed for the survival situations as well as game hunting and general outdoor use. Whether it is camping, hunting for food or in a self defense situation, a Mossberg knife will look good in your hand. Mossberg have always been innovators and pioneers. Many of their product features have become de-facto standards by which all modern firearms are judged. This is an impressive accolade to be able to own. Still, the company has never stood still and continuous to push the boundaries. For impressive features, high levels of workmanship and top rated materials and concepts take a look at what Mossberg knives can do, and how they can make a nice refreshing change to the way you deal with tasks.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Mossberg Tactical Folding Knife MOMIL590Mossberg Tactical Folding Knife MOMIL590
Mossberg Tactical Folder. 4 1/2 closed linerlock. Black finish stainless partially serrated modified spear point blade with dual thumb studs. Black finish aluminum handle with black finish stainless pocket clip. Hang packaged."
Mossberg Skinning Set - MSG8816Mossberg Skinning Set - MSG8816
Mossberg 2 pc Skinning Set. Bone Handle. Includes 7 overall guthook skinner with 4" upswept guthook blade with finger hole and 7" overall caping knife with 3 1/4" blade. Both knives feature stainless blade, full tang construction and white smooth bone onlay handles. Set comes with light brown leather belt sheath which holds both knives."
Mossberg Folding Skinner - MSG8813Mossberg Folding Skinner - MSG8813
Mossberg Folding Skinner Bone Handle. 4 1/8 closed linerlock. Stainless blade with thumb slot. White smooth bone handles. Brown leather belt sheath."
Mossberg Mossberg Three Piece Combo - MSG7338Mossberg Mossberg Three Piece Combo - MSG7338
Mossberg 3 pc Combo Set. Includes 6 1/4 overall 27 bulb Tracking LED flashlight. Black aircraft aluminum housing. Uses 3 AAA batteries (included). Set also includes 5" closed linerlock with black finish stainless blade and camouflage finish aluminum handles with stainless pocket clip. Also includes a 7" overall skinning knife with 4" black finish stainless guthook blade with finger hole. Camouflage finish aluminum handles. Black nylon belt sheath holds the skinning knife. Hang packaged."
Mossberg Mossberg Bantam Caping Knife. - MSG6528Mossberg Mossberg Bantam Caping Knife. - MSG6528
Mossberg Bantam Caping Knife. 6 3/4 overall. 2 5/8" black finish surgical stainless blade. Full tang. Burl wood handles. Black nylon belt sheath. Hang packaged."
Mossberg Bird and Trout Knife Set - MSG6314Mossberg Bird and Trout Knife Set - MSG6314
Mossberg Bird/Trout Knife Set. Includes a 6 3/4 overall trout knife with 2 3/4" blade and a 5 5/8" overall bird knife with 1 7/8" blade. One piece stainless construction with finger ring. Black nylon belt sheath holds both. Hang packaged."
Mossberg Guthook Skinner - MSG6241Mossberg Guthook Skinner - MSG6241
Mossberg Guthook Skinner. 6 7/8 overall. 3 5/8" black finish surgical stainless guthook blade with finger hole. Full tang. Camo finish handles. Black ballistic cloth sheath. Hang packaged."
Mossberg Mossberg 27 Bulb Multi-Purpose - MSG5634Mossberg Mossberg 27 Bulb Multi-Purpose - MSG5634
Mossberg Tracking Flashlight. 27 Bulb Multi-Purpose. 6 1/8 overall. Black aircraft aluminum construction. Purple LED bulbs for tracking blood. Green LED bulbs for night vision and white LED bulbs for all purpose use. Uses three AAA batteries (included). Hang packaged."
Mossberg Field Dressing Knife - MSG4557Mossberg Field Dressing Knife - MSG4557
Mossberg Field Dressing Knife. 4 3/4 closed triple lockback. Surgical stainless skinning, guthook and saw blades. Laminated wood handles. Black ballistic cloth belt sheath. Hang packaged."
Mossberg Two Piece Hunting Knife Set - MSG4554Mossberg Two Piece Hunting Knife Set - MSG4554
Mossberg Hunting Knife Set. Two Piece. Includes a 4 1/4 closed lockback skinner and a 7 5/8" overall guthook with a 3 3/8" blade. Knives feature 440 stainless blades and camo anodized aluminum handles. Black nylon belt sheath holds both. Hang packaged."
Mossberg Tactical Linerlock - MSG3520Mossberg Tactical Linerlock - MSG3520
Mossberg Tactical Folder. 4 5/8 closed linerlock. 3 1/4" black finish 440 stainless blade with dual thumb studs. Black G-10 handles with reversible stainless pocket clip."
Mossberg Lockback - MSG2805Mossberg Lockback - MSG2805
Mossberg Lockback. 3 3/4 closed. 440 stainless clip blade. Black G-10 handles with stainless bolsters."
Mossberg Big Game Cleaning Kit - MSG2626Mossberg Big Game Cleaning Kit - MSG2626
Mossberg Big Game Cleaning Kit Includes 8 7/8 overall fixed blade guthook hunter with 4 1/4" guthook blade, 7 3/4" overall fixed blade skinning knife with 3 1/8" upswept skinning blade, and 7 1/2" overall bone saw with 5 3/8" saw blade. Knives/saw feature 440 stainless blades and black sure grip rubber handles. Black nylon belt sheath holds all. Hang packaged."
Mossberg Fixed Blade Guthook - MSG2624Mossberg Fixed Blade Guthook - MSG2624
Mossberg Fixed Blade Guthook. 8 7/8 overall. 4 1/4" 440 stainless guthook blade. Black sure grip rubber handle. Lanyard hole. Black nylon belt sheath. Hang packaged."
Mossberg Mossberg Game Cleaning Set. - MSG2622Mossberg Mossberg Game Cleaning Set. - MSG2622
Mossberg Game Cleaning Set. Includes butcher knife, cleaver, fillet, fixed blade guthook, game shears, bone saw with extra blade, and tungsten carbide sharpener. Knives feature 420 stainless blades and black sure grip rubber handles. Molded plastic carrying case.
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