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Microtech Knives

MicroTech knives is a company based in Bradford, PA led by Anthony Marfione (aka Tony). They originally set up their business in Vero beach, Florida back in 1994. Together with wife Susan Marthione, the company has grown to be a formidable name through the stressing of very high quality precision parts which are exact to as high a tolerance as one thousandth of an inch. They have collaborated with several top of the range knife designers to bring some of the most exciting designs. These include the likes of Ernest Emerson, Bob Terzuola, Reese Weiland, Walter Brend and Greg Lightfoot. They have even had their brand of knives featured on television, during the airing of the TV series “24”. Despite the fact that MicroTech Knives have made a wide range of knives for kitchen use and fishing as well as arrow heads and Balisongs, their popularity comes about as a result of their tactical automatic knives. They have made knives for the U.S. Military such as the UDT and HALO and Currahee knives. With more than 95% of parts being manufactured by them on-site, they can ensure that the highest levels of quality are delivered to you the customer as a result. With no compromise on quality, they offer lifetime limited warranties on all of their products so peace of mind comes as standard. When a company is so dedicated to quality in the way that MicroTech are, it is no wonder that they continue to grow and evolve even through difficult times.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Micro Tech Crosshair Green Knife 101-1GRMicro Tech Crosshair Green Knife 101-1GR
Microtech ADO Beadblast Single - MCT1167Microtech ADO Beadblast Single - MCT1167
Microtech ADO Black Single - MCT1161Microtech ADO Black Single - MCT1161
Microtech Jagdkommando Titanium - MCT1057TIMicrotech Jagdkommando Titanium - MCT1057TI
Microtech Jagdkommando BB - MCT1057Microtech Jagdkommando BB - MCT1057
Microtech Jagdkommando Tan - MCT1051TAMicrotech Jagdkommando Tan - MCT1051TA
Microtech Jagdkommando Green - MCT1051GRMicrotech Jagdkommando Green - MCT1051GR
Microtech Jagdkommando - MCT1051Microtech Jagdkommando - MCT1051
Microtech Crosshair Tan - MCT1012TAMicrotech Crosshair Tan - MCT1012TA
Microtech Crosshair Green - MCT1012GRMicrotech Crosshair Green - MCT1012GR
Microtech Crosshair Black - MCT1012BLMicrotech Crosshair Black - MCT1012BL
Microtech Crosshair Tan - MCT1011TAMicrotech Crosshair Tan - MCT1011TA
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