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Meyerco knives

Meyerco knives are a Dallas, Texas based knife manufacturer who are the original assisted opening knife company. Thanks to the innovative ideas and minds of legendary knife designer Blackie Collins (real name Walter Collins) and the perfect unfaltering vision of Bill Meyer, they were able to make the first ever assisted opening mechanism. Their original Strut N Cut knife created quite a stir at the 1997 Blade show when it won the award for Most Innovative American Design. Meyerco create a good range of knives that include everyday carry knives, fixed blade knives, folders, hunters, neck knives and complete knife sets. Check out the Meyerco knives listed below, as well as their related items, including a game cleaning kit and a field dress kit. Trust in Meyerco for unsurpassed quality and impeccable design standards.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Meyerco Folding Hunter - MC6124Meyerco Folding Hunter - MC6124
Meyerco Variable Brians Broadhead - MC92849Meyerco Variable Brians Broadhead - MC92849
Meyerco Variable Broad Head One piece AUS-6 stainless construction with integrated finger hole. 4 overall. 1 1/4" double edge dagger blade. Blue cord wrapped handle. Molded black glass filled nylon sheath with beaded neck chain. Designed by Dirk Pinkerton. Hang packaged."
Meyerco Necklance River Rescue - MC7940Meyerco Necklance River Rescue - MC7940
Meyerco Necklance River Rescue 6 overall. 3" 440 stainless serrated edge blade with blunt tip.Black glass filled nylon handle and sheath. Blackie Collins design. Hang packaged."
Meyerco Jeff Hall Sedona A/O Black - MC7883Meyerco Jeff Hall Sedona A/O Black - MC7883
Meyerco Linerlock A/O  A-OK - MC7874Meyerco Linerlock A/O A-OK - MC7874
Meyerco Lockback Brown Wood Handle - MC6989Meyerco Lockback Brown Wood Handle - MC6989
Meyerco Lockback. 3 1/2 closed. 440 stainless clip blade. Rich grain wood handles with stainless bolsters. Lanyard hole. Black nylon belt sheath. Hang packaged."
Meyerco Skinner Black Rubber Handle - MC6122Meyerco Skinner Black Rubber Handle - MC6122
Meyerco Machete 28 Inch Overall Saw Back SheathMeyerco Machete 28 Inch Overall Saw Back Sheath
You are looking at the Meyerco MC6090 Machete, a tough and reliable Blackie Collins design that will work as hard s you do and stay right by your side right to the end of any expedition you decide to get into.
Meyerco Game Processing Set - MC6083Meyerco Game Processing Set - MC6083
Meyerco Game Butcher Set. Includes 8 butcher's, 5 1/2" fillet, 4" skinner, heavy duty cleaver, sharpening steel, game shears and bone saw. Knives feature a 420 stainless blade, full tang construction, and black composition handles. Comes in impact resistant carrying case."
Meyerco Machete - MC6016Meyerco Machete - MC6016
Meyerco Machete. 24 1/4 overalol. 17 7/8" 420 stainless blade with sawback. Black rubber grip handle with hand guard. Lanyard. Black nylon belt sheath. Hang packaged. Designed by Blackie Collins."
Meyerco Necklance Double Edge - MC5340Meyerco Necklance Double Edge - MC5340
Meyerco Necklance Double Edge. 6 1/8 overall.3" 440 stainless double edge blade with bead blast finish.Black glass filled nylon handle with lanyard hole.Black glass filled nylon sheath with neck lanyard.Hang packaged."
Meyerco Necklance - MC5337Meyerco Necklance - MC5337
Meyerco Necklance. 6 1/8 overall. 3" 440 stainless blade with bead blast finish. Black glass filled nylon handle with lanyard hole. Black glass filled nylon sheath with neck lanyard. Hang packaged."
Meyerco Pinkerton Paramecium - MC4661Meyerco Pinkerton Paramecium - MC4661
Meyerco Pinkerton Paramecium Neck Knife. One piece AUS-6 stainless construction with machined slot cutouts. 4 1/2 overall. 1 1/4" double edge blade. Molded black glass filled nylon sheath with beaded neck chain. Hang packaged. Designed by Dirk Pinkerton."
Meyerco Free Hand - MC3754Meyerco Free Hand - MC3754
Meyerco Catch Dog Linerlock A/O - MC3603Meyerco Catch Dog Linerlock A/O - MC3603
Meyerco Big Game Butcher Set - MC3463Meyerco Big Game Butcher Set - MC3463
Meyerco Big Game Butcher Set. Includes 6 cleaver, 8" butcher, 4 1/2" guthook skinner, 4" upswept skinner and 7 1/2" sharpening steel. Knives feature stainless blades and black finger groove composition handles. Impact resistant carrying case. Hang packaged."
Meyerco Tsavo A/O - MC3218Meyerco Tsavo A/O - MC3218
Meyerco Randall King Tsavo A/O 4 1/4 closed linerlock. 3" partially serrated AUS-8 stainless black coated CRYO Quenched lion's claw blade etched with Randall King signature and Meyerco logo. Cross hatch spine. Features A-OK mechanism. Black CNC machined aluminum handles with "R K K Global" inlay shield. Lanyard hole. Black stainless pocket clip. Designed by Randall King. Hang packaged."
Meyerco Catch Dog - MC3201Meyerco Catch Dog - MC3201
Meyerco Catch Dog 5 3/8 closed linerlock. 4 3/8" partially serrated stainless blade. Black G-10 handles with carbon fiber bolster. Stainless pocket clip. Designed by Greg Lightfoot. Hang packaged."
Meyerco Game Cleaning Kit - MC2702Meyerco Game Cleaning Kit - MC2702
Meyerco Field Dress Kit. Includes 8 3/4 closed folding bone/wood saw; 4 3/4" closed folding hunter lockback; 6 3/8" overall Zipper Guthook Tool with five replacement blades; and Tungsten carbide sharpener. Knives have stainless blades and black sure grip handles. Black plastic storage box. Hang packaged."
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