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Mace self defense

Mace self defense manufacture and sell a range of repellents designed for self defense situations to help get you out safely and into a better place. There are original Mace repellents, canine repellents and even bear repellents. If you intend to travel in bear territory, keep one of these with you as it could mean the difference between life and death, quite literally. The Mace pepper spray is legendary for stunning and disabling assailants. It even includes UV dye to help identify the person later. The also manufacture a range surveillance systems with are DVR and camera based so you can keep track of what is happening and ensure that visual evidence is collected in the event of any crime. In this day and age you simply can not afford to be complacent. You need to take charge of your own self defense situation. For pepper sprays, personal alarms, surveillance cameras, security DVRs, CCTV monitors, Gels, Guns and security alarms you can trust in Mace. Mace Security International, Inc., have been in operation since the 1980s. If you align yourself with the industry leaders you ensure your chances of escape are improved. Trust Mace and stay safe.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Mace Bear Pepper Mace Holster ORMD - MSI80364Mace Bear Pepper Mace Holster ORMD - MSI80364
Mace Bear Pepper Mace Holster. Black nylon belt sheath with Velcro closure. Made to fit the Bear Pepper Mace (225,260 gram). Bulk packed. Mace sold separately.
Mace Wireless Door/Window Sensor - MSI80356Mace Wireless Door/Window Sensor - MSI80356
Mace Wireless Sensor. Door/Window Sensor. For use with wireless home security system. Activates alarm when door or window is opened. WirelessRF transmission up to 300 feet. 9 volt battery included.
Mace Wireless Home Security System - MSI80355Mace Wireless Home Security System - MSI80355
Mace Wireless Home Security System. Detects motion or a door or window opening, activates an alarm and calls your phone. Remote contro with panic button feature. System automatically dials up to five designated emergency numbers. Compatible with up to 14 additional wireless accessories for expansion. Batteries included.
Mace ORMD Hot Pink Pepper - MSI80353Mace ORMD Hot Pink Pepper - MSI80353
Mace ORMD HotPink Pepper Spray 12 Gram
Mace Pepper Defense Spray ORMD - MSI80347Mace Pepper Defense Spray ORMD - MSI80347
Mace ORMD Hot Pink Pepper Defense Spray . 10% formula. Flip top safety cap prevents accidental discharge. Finger grip dispenser for accurate aim. Contains about 10 short bursts with an effective range of 8 to 12 feet. Net weight 18 grams. Hot pink plastic casing with keychain and belt clip. Hang packaged.
Mace Bear Pepper Mace ORMD - MSI80346Mace Bear Pepper Mace ORMD - MSI80346
Mace Bear Pepper Unit ORMD 260 Gram. Contains 2.0% Capsaicin and related Capsaicinoids. Range of up to 30 feet. Use to deter bears. EPA approved. Hang packaged. To add this item to an internet order, input the item number and quantity into the special instructions field when you check out.
Mace MaceView SQ40 & 4CAM - MSI00001Mace MaceView SQ40 & 4CAM - MSI00001
Mace MaceView SQ40 & 4CAM IR Dome System Security Kit. Includes four mini dome cameras with outdoor vandal resistance and IR night vision. 4 plug and play cables and camera power supply. Also includes 4 channel security DVR with 500 gb internal HDD and USB mouse and remote control. Supports synchronized audio recording. Remotely monitor and manage video from anywhere with internet access. Search recorded video by date/time/event with full playback controls. Backup video evidence to USB device or download remotely over network. Easily connects to a TV or VGA display monitor (not included) (also works with MSI00144 available for purchase separately).
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