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Kit Rae knives

Kit Rae is an award winning knife designer with a worldwide following for his unique fantasy weapons and sporting knives. He has created designs for United Cutlery, Harley Davidson, Colt, Gil Hibben, Remmington, Browning, Tops, Uzi, Ford, Stanley, and Rigid Knives. In 1996 he won the Blade Magazine award for his Colt Knife/Axe Comb. Kits work doesnt stop there. His knives have also appeared in TV shows such as Deep Space Nine, the X- Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other films such as Spider Man 2, Star Trek Nemesis and the Chronicles of Riddick. He also designed the the Indiana Jones Khyber Bowie for Lucas Films and the Sword of Darkness for United Cutlery. He has supervised many licensed weapon replicas for films like Blade, Total Recall, The Mask of Zorro, The Shadow, and also over fifty products for The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. Kit is well known for his best selling swords of the Ancient Collection and his skill and talent has made him one of the best.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Kit Rae Blackjet Throwing Triple Set - KR35Kit Rae Blackjet Throwing Triple Set - KR35
Kit Rae Blackjet Throwing. 10 3/4 Triple Set. Knives are one piece stainless construction. 10 3/4" overall. 5 1/2" double edge dagger blade. Leather wrapped handle. Black leather belt sheath holds all three knives."
Kit Rae Mithrodin Sword - KR25Kit Rae Mithrodin Sword - KR25
Kit Rae Mithrodin Sword. Swords of the Ancients Collection. 42 3/4 overall. 22 3/4" unsharpened 420 J2 stainless blade. Solid metal handle with antiqued finish and leather wrapped grip. Comes with art print "Battling the Hord"."
Kit Rae Aircobra Throwing Axe - KR0055Kit Rae Aircobra Throwing Axe - KR0055
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