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IXL knives

OXL knives (or rather IXL knives) are one of the most well known Sheffield steel trademark brands. George Wostenholm was the original developer and innovator for this design. He set up the George Wostenholme & Sons company, and around the year 1820, the name then got shortened. In 1826, they acquired the brand name IXL, so all IXL knives were generally believed to have been produced after 1826. The blades had a few different named markings through the next few years, generally along the lines of IXL Geo. Wostenholm, Rockingham Works, Sheffield (or Washington Works after 1848) taking us to 1885 when the markings on the blades would showcase the IXL logo, and would be along the line of George Wostenholm IXL Cutlery. In 1890, all imported goods needed to be marked with their country of origin, so the knives made before 1890 started being marked with Sheffield, England, and with some being made after being marked as simply Sheffield. The company continued to trade until around 1971, when much of the companys documents and stock were shipped to America by Bill Adams. Please review some of the exceptional IXL knives listed below.
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