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Esee knives

Esee knives and tools is a division of Randalls Adventure and Training (RAT), and since 1997 the RAT company has designed no-nonsense affordable field knives for military and law enforcement agencies. Many RAT knives now serve within places such as Iraq and Afghanistan. The ESEE knives are also setting high standards for local, state and federal law enforcement officers and deliver the high performance that they insist upon as well as compact sheath knives that also allow for multiple carry options. Transequatorial Solutions, Inc. are the company behind this exciting line of knives. Mike Perrin and Jeff Randall have spent years trawling through the jungles of Central and South America. The company “Randalls Adventure & Training” has been in existence since 1997 undertaking jungle tours, jungle survival training and more for military and law enforcement agencies. Who better to entrust some of the best knives in the world to? For some of the toughest and most reliable knives and toughest sheaths in the world, please review the Esee range shown below. You will find it hard to locate a tougher knife anywhere.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Esee Model 5 - ES5SKOBKEsee Model 5 - ES5SKOBK
Esee Knives Model 5 Serrated Edge Black Blade With Micarta Handles Knife Only
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