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EKA knives

EKA Knives are a Swedish knife manufacturer who have been in existence since 1882, crafting some of the finest knives ever made. They subject every single knife to some of the most stringent and rigorous quality control tests that allow them to offer a robust 10 year warranty with every last knife they sell. Such is the confidence in their products. EKA knives are sold throughout the world and are known for their elegance and functional design. Through the use of the best first-class materials they can source, they produce industry leading knives that can be depended upon. You get a sound level of grip and a superior blade edge. EKA are also proud of their customer service, and by using a dedicated administrative section they are able to ensure that all of their customers needs are met. Many organisations routinely purchase EKA knives as gifts to give to their customers and employees. With an Eka knife you can choose between a knife for industry, for the kitchen, for leisure, for hunting and for fishing. They also produce a range of pocket knives and other promotional gifts, so the range is certainly diverse and plentiful. If you want to experience the Swedish hospitality and workmanship, please review the Eka branded items shown below.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
EKA Viking Combi-Saw - EKA80018EKA Viking Combi-Saw - EKA80018
EKA 17 Combination Saw Black Handle comes with wood, metal and game saw blades."
EKA Swede 10 Black - EKA716608EKA Swede 10 Black - EKA716608
EKA Swede 10 4 3/4 closed lockback. 3 1/2" Sandvik 12C27 stainless blade.Black KratonŽ rubber handles with shield. Black nylon belt sheath."
EKA Swede 8 Black - EKA715608EKA Swede 8 Black - EKA715608
EKA Swede 8. 4 1/8 closed lockback. 3" Sandvik 12C27 stainless blade. Black KratonŽ rubber handles with shield. Black nylon belt sheath."
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