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Denix replicas

Denix Replicas are a truly exciting company who make an enormous range of products that are all replicas, and not made for actual use. The quality of workmanship is superb and the detailing is literally as good as an original. These are perfect for a whole host of situations from mock gun battles right through to using their mock shackles, arms, old or modern or simply fantasy. They are all for character based use, such as in stage shows, outdoor scenes and play use, but they can be adopted for film use or a whole myriad of uses that only the mind can conceive. The tourist industry is one of their biggest markets. They have more than 300 items with over 500 variants possible. Starting out in December 1878 Jose Carretero Febrer and Sebastian Llull Salom set up the company with a small amount of investment each, and through time they have evolved into a larger company with more than 70 employees operating in a 3,700 m2 factory based in the industrial area of Ciutadella de Menorca. Truly mesmerising replica guns, whips, gun holsters, old wild west posters, revolver replicas, Winchester gun replicas and more. Please remember that these are not real and can not be made to be operated in real life they are all imitation, but are among the greatest in the world. Come and take a closer look.
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