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Colonial Knife Company

Back in 1919, the Colonial knife companys roots were put down when Antonio Paolantonio completed his worth for the United States Calvary as a Blacksmith while serving for WWI. He started out at 9 Calendar Street, based in providence, Rhode island. The company began life with the name of the “A. Paolantonio Cutlery Company” and his first customers were based in the Jewelry industry who wanted to add their own jewels to knives. He produced skeletonized knives to which they could then finish off themselves. Through time, business increased and the company changed names to become the Colonial Knife Company, Inc. and at this stage his two brothers joined him. In later years the knives became more diverse in range and they added their own handles, and increased their product range to more than 150, and in the 1960s became known as one of the largest in America. In 1998 the Colonial Knife Company closed its doors for good and then simply became a memory. Such was the appeal for their knives (including the John Russel Barlow knife and the Colonel Coon knife) that they have now become very much highly sought after so have been consigned to the history books as one of the greatest American knife companies who will be sadly missed. A revival occurred in 2001 when Colonial knife became a division of CCI, Inc. and their range of traditional knives returned to production and can now be purchased, as seen below.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Colonial Quick Flick Series Assisted Opening KnifeColonial Quick Flick Series Assisted Opening Knife
From the Colonial knife company we are pleased to offer this affordable and low cost Quick Flick assisted opening COL7005 pocket knife measuring 4 ˝ inches when closed. Part of their Quick Flick series of knives.
Colonial Knife Company Tat Cutter - COL00009Colonial Knife Company Tat Cutter - COL00009
Colonial Knife Tat Cutter. 2 1/4 overall. Sharpened guthook blade. All stainless construction. Cuts cord, webbing, etc. Comes with corded neck lanyard. Bulk packed."
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