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Camillus knives

The Camillus Cutlery Company was one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the United States. The company was started by a German immigrant named Adolph Kastor. Adolph moved to New York in 1870 and began working for his uncle Aaron Kastor who ran a hardware supply business called Bodenheim, Meyer & Company. He was put in charge of cow chains but later on moved into firearms and cutlery department. In 1873 the company changed its name to Meyer & Kastor. Due to poor sales the company closed its doors in September 1876, and Adolph then started his own company called Adolph Kastor & Bros on Canal Street in New York. Here he imported and distributed German-made knives. When the Dingley Tarrif came into place in 1897 the knives were too expensive to import, so Kastor had to find a more domestic manufacturer, which he did, and in 1902, he purchased a small knife manufacturer in Camillus, New York, and assumed control from Charles Sherwood. The company had 20 cutlers who produced about 15 different knife patterns. He added new machinery in 1910, such as steam driven drop forge hammers and fly presses, adopting new techniques, like using alumina grinding wheels. By 1910 The Camillus Cutlery Company had around 200 employees, many of them German immigrants, and was producing close to a million knives a year. Due to the vast work that they were making, they built a dormitory to house their German workers. When World War I started, the company shifted production to show support to the American, British, Canadian and Dutch forces. They even produced products such as marlinspikes, surgical scalpels and a folding knife/spoon combination for the Red Cross. After the war they introduced stainless steel to their production line and started to make collectible character knives, which honoured such famous people like George Washington, Babe Ruth and Buck Rogers They began to produce products for private labels such as Sears Craftsman, F.W. Woolworth and many others. Between 1942 and 1945 during World War II, Camillus shipped 15 million knives of various styles to the allied forces, which included large fixed-blade fighting knives, machetes, multi blade camp style knives, electricians knives and sailors marlin spikes. In 1947, Camillus started to manufacturer a full line of official folding knives for the Boys Scouts of America, which they continued to do until their closure. Sadly, in 2006 the company went through months of strikes by employees, due to changes in their contracts, such as steep wage cuts and reduced vacation allowances. The company said that these reductions were necessary to face off stiff overseas competition. Even though the striking workers accepted the original contract, the company only retained a small proportion of their original employees and laid the rest off. The company then filed for bankruptcy and closed its doors on February 28th 2007.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Camillus Bush Crafter - CM19095Camillus Bush Crafter - CM19095
Camillus Heathen - CM19094Camillus Heathen - CM19094
Camillus Barbarian - CM19089Camillus Barbarian - CM19089
Camillus Choker - CM19088Camillus Choker - CM19088
Camillus Yellow Jaket Congress - CM19065Camillus Yellow Jaket Congress - CM19065
Camillus Yellow Jaket Peanut - CM19061Camillus Yellow Jaket Peanut - CM19061
Camillus Yellow Jaket Mini Trapper - CM19060Camillus Yellow Jaket Mini Trapper - CM19060
Camillus Yellow Jaket Stockman - CM19059Camillus Yellow Jaket Stockman - CM19059
Camillus Ti Folding Knife - CM19051Camillus Ti Folding Knife - CM19051
Camillus O.V.B. Fisk Hunter - CM19048Camillus O.V.B. Fisk Hunter - CM19048
Camillus O.V.B. Fisk Hunter 9 overall. 4 1/4" AUS-8 Japanese stainless blade. Curly maple handle with brushed stainless finger guard. Brown leather belt sheath. Black nylon padded zippered case with O.V.B./Camillus embroidery. Serial numbered. Limited edition of 500. Lifetime warranty."
Camillus Ti Folding Knife - CM18683Camillus Ti Folding Knife - CM18683
Camillus 6.75 Ti Folding Knife - CM18673Camillus 6.75 Ti Folding Knife - CM18673
Camillus 6.75 Ti Folding Knife. 3 7/8 closed linerlock. 2 7/8" Carbonitride Titanium coated VG-10 stainless tanto blade with dual thumb studs. Textured black G-10 handles. Black finish stainless pocket clip. Hang packaged."
Camillus 8.25 Ti Folding Knife - CM18672Camillus 8.25 Ti Folding Knife - CM18672
Camillus 8.25 Ti Folding Knife. 4 3/4 closed linerlock. 3 1/2" Carbonitride Titanium coated VG-10 stainless tanto blade with dual thumb studs. Black G-10 handles. Lanyard hole. Black finish stainless pocket clip. Hang packaged."
Camillus 6.75 Ti Folding Knife - CM18671Camillus 6.75 Ti Folding Knife - CM18671
Camillus 6.75 Ti Folding Knife. 3 7/8 closed linerlock. 3" Carbonitride Titanium coated VG-10 stainless drop point blade with dual thumb studs. Black G-10 handles with stainless bolster. Stainless pocket clip. Hang packaged."
Camillus 6.5 Ti Folding Knife - CM18670Camillus 6.5 Ti Folding Knife - CM18670
Camillus 6.5 Ti Folding Knife. 3 3/4 closed linerlock. 2 5/8" Carbonitride Titanium coated VG-10 stainless drop point blade with dual thumb studs. Locking Marlin spike. Textured black G-10 handles with bail. Hang packaged."
Camillus Marlin Spike - CM18589Camillus Marlin Spike - CM18589
Camillus Hunter - CM18538Camillus Hunter - CM18538
Camillus Ti Carbonitride 2- Tone Bamboo Knife 9.50. Aus-8 steel."
Camillus Hunter - CM18537Camillus Hunter - CM18537
Camillus Hunter. 9 1/8 overall. 4 3/8" Carbonitride Titaniumâ„¢ bonded AUS-8 stainless blade. Full tang. Bamboo handles. Black nylon belt sheath."
Camillus Cuda Folding Knife - CM18533Camillus Cuda Folding Knife - CM18533
Camillus Cuda Folding Knife with Quick Release. 4 1/2 closed. Carbonitride Titanium Japanese AUS-8 stainless hollow ground blade. Quick action blade release. Ergonomic G-10 fiber handles. Lanyard hole. Lifetime warranty."
Camillus Fixed Blade - CM18510Camillus Fixed Blade - CM18510
Camillus Fixed Blade. 8 1/4 overall. 4" Carbonitride Titanium Japanese AUS-8 stainless blade. Full tang. Ergonomic aluminum and glass filled handles. Integrated lanyard hole. Nylon belt sheath. Lifetime warranty."
Camillus Fixed Blade - CM18509Camillus Fixed Blade - CM18509
Camillus Fixed Blade. 7 3/4 overall. 3 3/4" Carbonitride Titanium Japanese AUS-8 stainless blade. Full tang. Ergonomic micarta handles. Integrated lanyard hole. Nylon belt sheath. Lifetime warranty."
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