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BenchMark knives

Benchmark was originally a knife company that made a wonderful range of high quality knives. Eventually they became a subsidiary of the Gerber knife brand and continued to develop high quality knives until the company was sold to another company. These days the company main focus on saw steels, but their meteoric rise to fame in the last decade or so has seen many of their knives still being offered for sale, so for collectors, a Benchmark knife is still a great buy. Benchmark started out as a company called Jenkins metals in Gastonia, NC. Blackie Collins was their designer at the time. When th company was wound up, Gerber purchased the design rights, and much later, R.B. Jenkins bought them back, until he eventually retired, along with his knives. The rights to their best knife ever, the Rolex were eventually sold to CRKT. Contrary to belief, benchmark was never anything to do with the other closely termed company known as Benchmade who are still in operation today. The Benchmarks Rolex knife went back as far as 1969. If you are looking for an extremely high quality knife then take a look at the range below and enjoy.
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