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Anza knives

There are some people in life who think constantly about knives and knife making. Nothing could be more true than the people behind Anza knives. Anza have been creating custom handmade knives in the USA since 1980 and have never looked back. The popularity of their knives has helped them grow through recommendations. Many people from all walks of life have purchased and revelled in their ownership of an Anza knife. People such as guides, hunters, backpackers, outfitters and even fishermen have all purchased an Anza knife. Anza use files for every one of their knives, but they ensure their knives are strong, unlike a file which is normally quite brittle. They like to use a file because of its high Carbon content. To improve the strength, Anza knives like to put each knife through a process known as Annealing where the metal is heated and then allowed to cool very slowly. This process removes internal stresses and thus helps to toughen it up. After this transformation, Anza will hand grind each knife to the right shape before adding a handle and other finishing techniques being used. Each Anza knife comes with its own sheath – nothing less than the best. If you start right, you end right, and this dedication to being the best shines through with every single Anza knife that is made. If you want the best, then choose an Anza knife. Every single Anza knife is hand made so no two will be the same. Anza prefer the hand made, slow production method as opposed to the rushed mass-produced factory knives, because in their mind, you can not beat genuine hand-made quality. This is why ownership of Anza knives is an experience you will treasure for many long years.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Anza Dune Slayer Full Tang Micarta Handles 12 3/4Anza Dune Slayer Full Tang Micarta Handles 12 3/4
From Anza knives comes this, the Anza “model D” Dune Slayer knife. A knife from Anza knives that delivers sheer strength, timeless hand-made custom knife performance at a pocket friendly price.
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