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Cold Steel 91K KogaNinja Submission Weapon

Cold Steel 91K KogaNinja Submission Weapon

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Cold Steel 91K item description:
The Cold Steel Koga SD1 model number 91K. With roots in Japanese inspiration, those who do, have.

Koga's are instruments of art and submission weapons of choice for many. Often used in Ninjitsu, famed by many Ninja movies, fans will instantly understand the connection.

This Koga is 7.5 inches in length and crafted from structural Nylon.
When used by the experts, a Koga can be a deadly weapon.
This one will not leave you disappointed. There are 3 solid grip ridges in the center allowing a snug fit in your hand.

  • UPC Code: 705442005124
  • Weight: 6.50 oz
item condition: new in the original unopened box
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Product Number: 91K     
Quantity Available: 21 in stock, order now! (Inventory last updated April 19 2014)
Estimated ship date: Tuesday April 22nd, 2014

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