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Cold Steel 1860 US Cavalry Saber 41 1/2 Inch 1055 Steel CS88HCS

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Cold Steel 1860 US Cavalry Saber 41 1/2 Inch 1055 Steel CS88HCS

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Cold Steel item description:
You are looking at 41 inches of prime Cold Steel U.S. Cavalry 1860 Saber. This is the Cold Steel CS88HCS. A fantastic reproduction interpretation of the original 1860 model popularized and used during the American Civil War.

During the way you could choose between a lightweight Saber or a heavy duty Saber. The heavier one found more use among the cavalrymen due to it's weight. It was able to be sued to deliver crushing blows as well as thrusting piercings and so was carried more often. It had a 36 inch blade and a Brass guard with three bars for protection.

This Cold Steel version is much the same but with a few improvements. They have used 1055 carbon steel that delivers a hard spring temper and will pass the British proof test. It measures 1/3 inches in thickness across the blade and weighs a very hefty 42.9oz so be prepared to handle this substantial Saber. Please note that Scabbards will oxidize and turn. The handle is leather and has a Brass wire wrap. The scabbard is double ringed steel.

If you like what you see you can order this item using the form on this page. If you'd like to know anything before, during or after purchase we are on hand all the time via phone and email, so do not hesitate to get in touch. We want you to be satisfied and aim to please. Thanks for looking!

  • UPC Code: 705442006138
  • Weight: 6.10 lbs
item condition: new in the original unopened box
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Product Number: CS88HCS     
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Estimated ship date: Saturday September 6th, 2014

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